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I love a good English Breakfast tea.  Currently have PG Tips at home.

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In high school I drank Constant Comment.  About 35 years ago a friend clued me in to Bewleys and Barry and also Upton Tea and Taylors of Harrogate.  She did me a huge favor.


Upton, my favorite in many ways, is wonderful and has any kind of tea you'd want.  Favorites are Assams and Darjeelings!  They custom print the labels! Their little catalogs are so quaint and have a lot of good information.


Now I buy from several wonderful tea companies, and some even have online sessions about tea you can "attend." There are lots of good teas that you all have mentioned, these are good sources in addition:


Elmwood Inn Tea in Kentucky--Bruce and his wife own it!

Cultured Cup in Dallas--owners really know their teas and have excellent products and make great blends--especially iced teas and flavored teas.  Mango Tango Iced is very good.

Smith Teamakers--interesting and more unusual blends.  

Harney Tea--good basic teas but they have gone wild with games and a jillion teas and such. 


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I love Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange.

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British favorite "PG Tips" never disappoints.   Full-bodied flavor, always.

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Big Harney & Son fan.  Used to stop in their Soho NY store for years.  Now order everything online!


Love loose teas...Lychee, English Breakfast, Tippy Yunnan are my current favorites!!


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@deepwaterdotter wrote:

Constant Comment.



I had a mug of Constant Comment yesterday and really enjoyed it.



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I keep a variety in the house and order quite a bit from Harney & Sons, as well.  Always have Paris and Victorian London Fog on hand.



Black tea, oolong tea, black currant flavor, vanilla flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor.


Victorian London Fog:

Black tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil, lavender, vanilla flavor. 


BIG sale today.  I usually take advantage when they have an offer like this, but I'm already pretty well-stocked on my favorites.


Gave up coffee years ago and switched to tea full-time.  No regrets. Woman Very Happy

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When I'm sick, I usually drink Gretzky's Green Tea with Lemon, by Bigelow. It's no longer made but I have a stash of it, and the sachets are in sealed foil packets, so it's stayed good. I think Bigelow's regular Green Tea with Lemon is the same; they just badged this with Wayne's name, face, and endorsement. Also like the decaf version. Use diabetic sweetener, no milk ever with tea.


But I have to be truly ill to resort to tea.

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I'm strictly a lover of Luzianne tea.   

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I only like Tetley British Blend, I don't care for flavored teas.


My husband will say to me but regular Tetley is black tea just like the British blend and tastes the same.  No, it does not and it's not the same color once it's steeped and milk has been added.