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I keep trying to like tea. I keep thinking I'll start enjoying it if I just get the right kind. But I always wind up having to push myself to finish the box of tea bags to avoid wasting them. I never get converted to actually looking forward to drinking it. I think coffee is just too much in my system to change now.

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@Anonymous032819 I like the tea from Republic Of Tea.....I usually look for tea from Japan ....the green tea especially. I also like the Matte Latte tea which sort of has a hint of chocolate.  I but the loos leaf tea, but the tea bags are good as well,  The company, Republic of Tea is located in nothern California, but their delivery is fast.  Pricey, but good for a change of pace.

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@just bee wrote:

@Shelbelle wrote:

My fave is Bigelow Lemon Lift, cones in regular and in decaf. 



Lemon Lift is a dependable tea.  I drank a lot of it in high school and college and had some last year and it was still pretty tasty.

Yes, good way to describe it, I add a little bit of low cal sweetener to it. 

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I like Mighty Leaf brand tea


Earl Grey

Spring Jasmine

White Orchard (this makes a great ice tea)

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Tazo Zen Tea & Amish grown Spearmint Tea are what I usually drink.

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The Republic of Tea:


BlackBerry Sage (also a fave of GS)

Emperor's 100% White Tea

Orange Blossom White Tea

Silver Rain White Full Leaf Tea


Some loose, some round unbleached bags.  These are my faves but I've tried some of their other teas.


I like this company for its dedication to ethical practices and philanthropy.


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@Anonymous032819   for teas you can get at the grocery store, I like Tazo's Calm Chamomile, Tazo's Passion, and Celestial Seasoning's Sleepy Time.


I also like Pomogranate Acai Blueberry Green Tea from Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market.


For specialty tea, I like David's Tea Buddha's Blend (It's a mix of white and green tea with jasmine pearls and hibiscus). I actually just ordered some today.



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This was my go to for iced tea this past summer. I must have gone through at least six tins of the watermelon mint. Mango is my 2nd fav for summer.


     Article | Trader Joe's

Now that the weather is sooo freezing in Southern California

( Smiley Very Happy) these are my current favorites


4 X Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea Black Blend Cinnamon Ginger 20 Bags  Holiday | eBay Article | Trader Joe's


I have to say some of the teas I'm reading about here sound so delicious!

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I was never a tea drinker until I discovered, years ago, organic earl grey green tea. It's Andrew Lessman's and have l loved it since the first sip.

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We also have this on hand.


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