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Lately, I have been drinking more tea.



I mean, I like coffee, but I really don't drink it all that often.




So far, I like camomile tea and lemon flavored tea.







What are your favorite brands and flavors of tea?

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I drink Bigalow's organic decaf green tea.

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Constant Comment.

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I don't drink coffee at all.  My morning beverage is tea, but I strictly stick with black tea varieties.  English Breakfast, English Teatime, Darjeeling, and Simply Balanced Breakfast Blend which I think is a Target brand.  

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I like both tea and coffee--


TEA FAVORITES--I like Celestial Seasons Raspberry Zinger, Lemon Zinger, and Bigelow Green Tea, Tazo Wild Sweet Orange


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Organic loose tea leaf. Preferably green tea. Many excellent places to find great tea.

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I prefer decaf green tea and Earl Grey tea.  I especially enjoy afternoon or evening tea in the cold months!


While I have coffee every morning, a cup and a half, I am tired of drinking it and I find it doesn't always agree with me.  I think as I get older certain staples in my diet affect my digestive system.  


I have so many lovely cups and saucers yet I always have tea in a mug!!!!!  

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I like the herbal teas and have several on hand so I don't

drink the same tea each day.  I like Peach and Raspberry

teas.   The Republic of Tea has a nice Vanilla Almond.  

I like to try different brands.  

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I never developed a taste for coffee.  I drink black tea, hot and cold daily, I add a splash of fresh lemon and a touch of Splenda Stevia. 

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I love Earl Grey & O'olong teas.

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