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Re: TJMaxx

Love TJM, Marshall’s and Home Goods. If you see it and want it, you need to get it.  It will be gone next visit.  Cute items.  Never thought to look online.  All three within 15 minute drive, separate directions.  

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Re: TJMaxx

The only thing I dislike about TJMaxx online is that you can't shop by brand or designer. But the site has some very expensive designer pieces, and some good deals too.


Anyone looking for a mother of the bride or groom or anything for a wedding or formal event-check out the TJM site. Especially with this free shipping. You can return for free to a store.

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Re: TJMaxx

@Mandy2006 wrote:

TJ Maxx is the store I shop the most at Smiley Happy I find so many treasures there with fantastic pricing! My recent score was a gorgeous Robert Lee Morris ring for $19.99

@Mandy2006, I love his jewelry, good for you for getting one of his pieces at a great price.  Wish I could see it!!

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Re: TJMaxx

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There should be a warning sign when shopping at TJMaxx "Enter at your own risk". Yesterday a John Hardy bracelet I have been eyeing for about three months.A wide hammered (almost a inch wide) small oval bangle with a gram weight of over 70 grams,with an amazing under gallery. Retail@$$1,200, TJMaxx price was $449.00 dollars on sale for $319.00. 


I have the smaller one I purchased(.25 wide retail$@ 800.00 dollars I purchased From TJMaxx for $299.00. With my Mother's day gift cards I purchase the wider heavier one for$279.00 dollars.I will give my chain bracelets( the ones like Jill wears(3) a break after over 6 years) The wide and smaller hammered bangles mixed with my Lagos small oval bracelet will be my signature bracelets


TJMaxx had most of their John Hardy and Lagos jewelry on sale.The assist Manager had been looking for my phone number to inform me of the sale.For I am a regular customer.

I also purchased 2 Ralph Lauren throws.I need a intervention😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

Also Handbags, and weekenders from Patricia Nash was on sale(mark down for a second time.

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Re: TJMaxx

You need to find out which days their deliveries come in. I used to love shopping there since it is so close to my house; about a mile....but the management and staff changed completely so it now has zero customer service or cashiers who don’t act like you are a nuisance for making them check you out. I go to Marshall’s instead....much better experience.