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102 degrees in the first day back to school.....looking forward to first snowfall!!

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In New Jersey the 4th day of another heat wave, enough!


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I'm not that big a fan of the sweltering heat, but at least i don't have to shovel it!!!!!  I can wait for the snow.....forever, if possible!!!!

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I'm generally a summer lover......hate the cold winters here in NE Ohio, but when my car thermometer hit 101 yesterday (a new record) that was a bit much even for me!  Add the tropical humidity to that and I've had enough.


We do have a cold front coming over us later today (with storms) and tomorrow it's only supposed to get up to about 70 degrees with lake effect showers!

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@nana59 wrote:

102 degrees in the first day back to school.....looking forward to first snowfall!!

@nana59  That is just too hot!  😓Take care of yourself...I hope the cooler weather comes your way soon🙂

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heat and humidity wave in the baltimore area.

i HATE it......please get to autumn soon mother nature!

we had about 98 degrees yesterday with a heat index of 105......i felt sick to my stomach yesterday while out running a bunch of errands.

i am working from home today because i just didnt feel like dealing with it.

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It has finally cooled down in Seattle after one of the hottest summers on record. At last all seems right with the world now.

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95 but that's summer and I will not complain about it because it's only matter of a few  months before we find ourselves in the deep freeze......and people start complaining about that.  

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I live in upstate NY, where our temps are at heatwave warning levels. Our temperatures are higher than my daughter’s in Orlando, and my granddaughter’s in Tampa. In the past, late August weather would be slightly brisk, especially in the early hours. Today, the temperature at 6 am was over 80. Climate change is real.

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  I love Summer.Here in New York where they’re too short I will never complain about the heat.I soak in every last minute of it!!