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I like "calm" Susan - on the rare occassion that it happens. I like that she's so passionate, her energy is amazing, and I do like some of her clothing.  I can watch sometimes, but a lot of times I do have to mute because she does go over the top quite often. 


It's Susan being Susan and she isn't going to change.  She's been the same forever, and if Q had a problem with her I'm sure they'd let her know. So take her or leave her.

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Susan has got to be the rudest, most annoying person on QVC. I like some of her clothes but her behavior is ridiculous. She is always interupting the host, spinning around and admiring her own clothes like she has never seen them before! I feel sorry for any host who has to work with her and I am always surprised we don't see the host rolling her eyes!  Woman LOL

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I don't buy her "enthusiasm" and "passion for her line" as a valid excuse for her behavior.  BS.   Her behavior is disgraceful.  She has to be the rudest person I've seen on television as of late.

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Her fill-in also touches the models to much just like Lori G. fill in. Very annoying!

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@KALLIE wrote:

@Puzzle Piece wrote:

I didn't watch as I find a lot of her clothing line.............offensive and distasteful.  I think if one lived in Florida and was a seniior, senior citizen, it might charm you. 

Add loud prints, outdated, too much polyester, and overpriced. ITA about the FL comment.

Well, I live in Florida and you are way off base on your comments.

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I do buy some of Susan Graver's fashions.  But it is getting increasingly difficult to watch her presentations.  She is constant talking over the host and being so giddy and loud that I either turn the sound off or change the channel.  She distracts from the information about the item.   Someone needs to tell her to "cool it".

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Jayne needs to present with her. She would jerk a knot LOL

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@MAIZEY wrote:

I have to say i do like susans fashions. BUT I'm always yelling at the TV telling susan to Shut Up STOP talking over Pat!! All I heard her say is BLAH BLAH BLAH.... I turn OFF sound i can deal with her for  awhile. This has been going on for YEARS now someone PLEASE tell her NOT to talk so much. And give Pat a chance to say something! Better yet put a gag on her.. Sorry!

LOL! I think the saying goes 'Silence is golden...Duct tape is silver". Sorry too! (where's that tape.......)