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After a quick look at both Walmart and Chel's I can honestly say nothing appealed to me.  There are many brands from QVC and HSN on Chel's but no item that I recognized.  Would not be my first "go to" site.  

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I purchased Muses Closet Velvet Coat A389667 from Chel's Closet.


QVC's price was originally $64.93.   It was a LTS for around $40.00.


I got it from Chel's Closet for $21.82.   It was a good deal.   The coat is very nice. 

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@newjerseygirl Yep. I've bought from Chel's for years. Great prices. I'm usually very happy. 

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@kaydee50 Really? Are you sure you went to the correct site for Chel's? She has over 100,000 items for sale. I can't imagine there wasn't at least one or two items. I see a lot of nice things, I just don't need them, I already purchased them Smiley HappyA


But, buyer beware, if QVC has a special deal like Lunchtime Specials, many times Chel's will be higher priced. She lowers the cost of each item every month or two. If you keep watching, and an item doesn't sell, it will eventually be super cheap. 

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There are multiple sites like Chel's on Ebay that sell returns or purchases from Q.  Purchased from several including Chels and never a problem.   Got some great deals on Laurie Felt jeans, D&C, Isaac.  Recently got a Kim Gravel top that the white was sold out on the Q, great price and the shirt is new condition.  Came from Chel's.  Zulilly also has new Q merchandise with limited sizes.  Have fun!! 

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I used to buy lots of clothes from eBay, Poshmark etc and have been very happy with all. I rememer when Barefoot Dreams first came to Qvc and I went to eBay to order a couple of pieces which were a lot cheaper.