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Does anyone know where oversized bedspreads,quilts or comforters can be purchase bigger than 120x120 Thanks

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HOMBYS Oversized King Quilt Set 128 x 120



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Re: Oversized bedding

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  @TheMemphisVette I see that same brand makes an even bigger comforter at 136 x 120! Whew that's big!


HOMBYS Oversized King Comforter 136 x 120


I bought a 10' x 10' (120" x 120") Serta So Huge Oversized King fleece blanket at Walmart online a while ago for under $25.  I bought the navy blue and it's very nice - and super warm - but it has kind of a "velvet" feel and on the bed it's a little much. A sea of blue! Makes me think of Elvis lol. But it does completely cover the bed from top to bottom, with a little left over everywhere!

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 You can always pick out fabric and have some custom made. That's what I did many yrs ago

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A poster here directed me to   They are pricey but very high quality.

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Re: Oversized bedding

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@jlkz Thank you!!!! We have a sleep number adjustable bed and depending on the angle of the head of the bed I may not have enough blanket! To say nothing of the 8+ cats that seem to share our bed most nights....this is great!

Just a head's up...we bought bedding from Effortless Bedding and they are tremendous! Our bed is a bear to change the linens, these are great and worth the dollars!

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