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Hi Jazzmom. How does the computer and Roku work?
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My daughter got a Chromecast,

Sometimes I use and HDMI cable but that can be fiddley to connect and obvi your laptop needs to have an HDMI


wondering how much a Chromecast is.

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I use my Chromecast for every tv! LOVE it! So very convenient. Woman Happy

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we have roku w/netflix and amazon prime videos, etc. on family room tv and amazon fire stick on another tv. i like both. the amazon fire stick came pre programed for prime and is easy to use. the roku 2/3 have earphones that sounded good too.

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Roku user here too. LOVE it!

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We use our play station 3
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The good thing is that there are lots of choices.  I have a Blu-ray player that streams with Netflix and others.  


My Tivos also stream, but I don't think they have as fast a processor as my Roku3 units.  I use those the most.  


The Roku3 is the best of the Rokus with more streaming and a faster processor.

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Another smart TV user here.  We use wi-fi for streaming Netflix.  I love Netflix!

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@Mind D


The Roku is a streaming stick device that is attached via the HDMI ports on the back of your TV. It contains several programs such as Netflix and a few other services.


The computer we have is an ACER brand which is basically just a stripped down computer  son got us from Amazon and that also attaches to the HDMI ports on the back of your TV. We use the computer for the LR TV and the ROKU for the BR TV.

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My Tivo cable box streams Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, but not the Amazon stuff I get included with my Prime account. I have a Roku I used to access Amazon Prime. If there's anything else I want to stream to my TV (like a live stream of the Texas Legislature or a conference), I connect my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable.