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What is everyone currently using for streaming to tv?  I have used Boxee for years, but I guess they are defunct now.  My son said to use Chromecast.


Any other ideas or reviews of Chromecast?

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We have a computer and a Roku.

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We use a Roku.

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I have a smart tv, it's built into the televsion as well as hulu and host of others...............................raven

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I have smart TV's.  They use our wifi.

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I use my blu ray cd player that has netflix 

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Another blu Ray user. I use it for blu ray, DVDs (it plays both) and to stream Netflix. Works great for us.
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I hadn't heard of chromecast so googled it. It looks good. If you don't need/want a bluray player to play DVDs or Blu Rays and you TV has a USB plug, the Chromecast looks just fine. You control it on your phone or IPad. My blu Ray has a separate remote, but I could program it into a universal remote too.
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It seemed to me that netflix had many less titles that could be streamed so we got both.  We have a DVD player and streaming too.

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I use the PS3 or Xbox console.  I broke down and subscribed to Hulu Plus, they have a great selection of British programming............