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Re: Something funny happened today

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It is sad that millennials don’t seem to care about beautiful china like we did....I have my mother’s and grandmother’s wedgewood, desert rose, and Homer Laughlin sets...lots of pieces, serving sets....perfect condition. None of my numerous daughters and granddaughters are the least bit interested. “ What would I do with that old stuff?” 😢 

I still go weak in the knees when I see beautiful China....and have to restrain myself from bringing home more. 

Same with Lane cedar chests, I have mine and two others that are very old....none of the girls in my family want them. Out they go! Lesson....never take up space and clutter your home saving things for the next generation...they are almost all into more disposable things.

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Re: Something funny happened today

@cherry wrote:

We bought it in Canada, and saved a packet of money. Our dollar was more valuable than theirs, at the time. They are a memeber of the BC, and so  they didn't have the huge tariffs we would pay. They also had everything, serving  pieces, my teapot. All of these thing would have had to have been ordered. and taken 6 months to 1 year to get them



Beautiful china @cherry