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Such innocent faces.  Like angels.


Thank you both, MW and PW.

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Beautiful, just beautiful.   I wish I were there to see these beautiful deer in person.  You and your husband are to be congratulated for caring for them the way that you do.  

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@MamaWick   Precious and beautiful.  How people can hurt and hunt these sweet creatures is beyond me.  

Thank you for sharing your herd with us.  Each and every picture you post either with your phone or PapaWick's camera is award winning. 

Woofs and belly rubs to Cricket! 💜


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@MamaWick  They are so beautiful! I love the closeups. Thank you for posting all the 🦌 pictures - a great escape from everything, and to see them up close is wonderful.

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PapaWick has PHOTO-CHOPS!  Bravo Papa!


He's got such a beautiful way of capturing them, FRAME worthy I say.


Like I believe to be true, the heart and soul is shown with love when a photographer is taking a picture of the subjects they love most!