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@Boomernichols. No, Buckley hasn't been back since I saw him rubbing off the velvet a few weeks ago. I wish he'd visit.
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I love the little nubbies!

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They are so beautiful I want to hug them .... thank you Mama Wick 🥰❤️

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Thank you for sharing.


Love the Carrot toss!  


Best wishes to Buckley.

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The little antlers are just beginning to grow.  So precious!  Thank you!



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These precious ones are sure to bring smiles to us all.  Thank you for sharing.

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@MamaWick  Fantastic photos of your deer! 
  This morning I took Snickers out and while I was getting her leash in the garage she kept sniffing something by the garage door. I couldn't find anything down but she kept going to the door wagging her tail. 
  When we went outside and turned the corner by the garage door there was a young buck staring at us. I told him "hello" and he turned and trotted off to the front yard. 
  Snickers wagged and looked up at me! She likes the deer and was trying to tell me he was there. 

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Omg, those eyes 😍

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Your photos are beautiful. What a sweet little doe, and the little Button Buck is so cute. We haven't seen as many of our deer for the past several days, but that's normal in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

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Wonderful pictures, @MamaWick. PapaWick did an awesome job, thank you for sharing!