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@Harpa wrote:

I was hoping that would happen here (se PA), but I have yet to see a flake this season.


Enjoy the treasures of the snow!

@Harpa  It's finally started (with all of the news hype) and here in Bucks County we're covered now.

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We had a dusting - just enought to not see the grass.  It looks pretty.


I see it started again, but it looks that very dry snow that doesn't stick.

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South of TC, we got 3-4" last nite and it's snowing those big fluffy flakes.


I'll head out later but I have 4WD. 😊

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Why we moved to Tx. from Ind for our 'old' age. LOL

I get so tickled when we see little kids go crazy they have hardly ever seen it

Bless their hearts.

We had our share LOL Don't care if we ever see it again. 



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Snowing very hard here, but not much on the ground.  It's been like this for hours.  A lot of snow falling but sticking very little.  A lack luster snow.  You'd think we would get something like an inch.  Not a trace of an inch.

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Southern WV is at 28 degrees, cold and sunny, no snow.   We may see scattered flurries this weekend, but no accumulation is expected here.   Higher elevations in Pocahontas and Randolph counties may see up to 4” of snow by tomorrow.