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@on the bay 


Let's see.


@on the bay wrote:

If I had a complaint about someone I had shared the ice with for years, I would not take it to a friend who then took it to a friend" who then "shared" it with a reporter from network or paper that paid good money.


It was conversation. Though figure skating is not my top skating priority, my old brain still retains some things from just simple conversations. This was not a "promise not to tell anyone secret", it was a conversation,  that's it.



Nor would I share it with any who were insulted by not having his friendship for whatever reason.


 I have no idea what this even means in the context of what I have said anywhere in this thread.



Good friendship can only be returned with those who are also good friends and not just disappointed in their own accomplishments, so have to broadcast complaints about others.



As I mentioned in 1 of my posts, Chen was not a "good friend", he was a 2 faced "act" like a friend.


Jay nor his mother are disappointed in his accomplishments. He is proud, as he should be. And his mother, who has driven him thousands and thousands of miles to train and compete. And has spent thousands and thousands of $$$$ since he was 9 years old on skates and performance outfits. How in the world could she be disappointed, and not proud of his accomplishments?


I do not know that Jay "broadcast" complaints about Chen. As I said above, he told me in a conversation, his experiences with Chen. He never said anything negative about Chen's skating or overall performances.


If you view my comments here as  "broadcasting"? I saw all the glowing comments about his "charm/personality" from many posts here, based on? 


So I posted what was mentioned in one of my many simple conversations with a young man, I consider a skating friend, along with his mother and skating coach. If posting here is "broadcasting", I am guilty of over 20+ years of not knowing I was in the broadcasting business.


Since you didn't start this post with @hckynut, if it wasn't meant for me, sorry.



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Not for you particularly but maybe for your friend.

However, I don't know either so don't really know. Can only go by what we all read about the good things others say and Nathan's many friends I guess.

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@hckynutjohn i'm not going to listen to what one guy says about another guy as reported by a third guy.  This is just common sense and I think you'd get it in any other situation.

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Good morning @stuyvesant 


I understand.


Myself personally, in another situation? It would depend on my feelings of the original source, and then my belief in the 3rd source.


Were someone I know and trust here, to pass on some info they picked up in a conversation to me? I would have no reason to not believe them. Most here are not youngsters and probably are consistent in this respect.


Stay well and have a good weekend,



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His performance takes lots of practice.  Yes, he is a joy to watch.  He deserved the gold medal.

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Let's just stop this . The last message said it all. Nathan is a masterful skater and he deserved the gold medal. Thanks to Kat Cat 1, enough has been said and I hope we will end this on a positive note.


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Posters are permitted to express their opinions,  even if in the minority,  so long as they are within the rules.  Fellow posters do not dictate what may be said.

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I looked forward to watching him skate.  He did not disappoint!