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He has to be the most talented, elegant, confident, skater I have ever seen.  He's an absolute joy to watch. And he seems to thoroguhly enjoy what he's doing.  I watched his performances during the Olympics, and again just now on YouTube.  He's awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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And is a student at Yale majoring in Statistics and Data Science.

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I totally agree.

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I've watched the live skate and the reruns and a number of interviews with him.


He spells CLASS all the way. A joy to watch and seems like a sweetheart of a guy. Very humble, grateful for his career, friends, family, coaches, etc. and loves the sport.

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I totally agree with everyone's posts!

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He was one of the only bright spots in the Olympics for me.

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So true! I feel the same way.

I watched one of his videos at 10 years old-no mistakes and so happy skating for the joy of it.

If you didn't get to watch the figure skating exhibition sat night, his was the last performance and the best of the whole olympics! I love his smile!

You can probably watch on youtube-computer or tv.

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I agree!  He is a classic act!  I enjoyed the "surprise"ending to his gala performance:

He did a back flip!
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As I have mentioned in other posts, I did not watch any of the Olympics. I am however familiar with Chen. He is a great skater and performer for sure, but as for the rest of the admiration?


I have mentioned a couple times or more in the Sports Forum, about a young figure skater I met at the rink where i skate. He is now 21 and i met him 4+ years ago.


He is originally from California and trained and competed with Chen, there and in Colorado, and many other competitions. This friend of mine missed the last USA team by 1 skater, he is that good. I have been on the ice many times with him and have watched him do Quads, and one time even a Quad/Quad.


He was friends with Chen, or so he thought. Jay explained to me he was a 2-faced person. He even compared him to the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding so-called friendship.


That is what he and his mom have told me about Chen, and I have no reason to think otherwise. A great skater? Yes! The other raving "qualities of his character"?  I'll go with the ones that have spent several years training and competing against him.



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He's really cute too!