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@SharkE.  It sounds like you really earned all those denim jackets.  Do you still have to haul heavy hoses all over your place?  If so, I'd be having a sprinkler system installed.


It's seems strange that you stayed with him so long if he was so stingy.  I guess we all have reasons for what we do.

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Beautiful picture.  Love the big cats. 

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No, he had a sprinkler system installed when somebody from church mentioned their cousin would install one and work with him on the price.


After he died I had another zone put in.  Just the way

some people are raised . His mother would chew a piece of gum come in from working in her garden outside and put the gum on the counter, then, put it back in her mouth when she went back out after lunch.


All those folks just lived that way all their life and just  2nd nature to them. You never paid interest you paid cash for everything. He left me sitting Ok.


Went fast too. My oldest sister's husband now has dementia she's afraid to put him in nursing home afraid they will take everything and leave her on Medicaid.

They have long term care, as , so, do , I. So, she's putting up with all kinds of stuff.  Mine died in 2 hrs.

and Medicare and supplement took care of the whole nine yards.

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@On It wrote:

Wild animals are difficult to comprehend their size unless they are seen in perspective to a familiar object.



That's one heck of a hood ornament!

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As beautiful as they are, mountain lions can be quite dangerous during Spring and when and if they have baby kittens with them.


I'm always warning friends who hike around in the trees and careful.  If legal, carry some sort of repellent or loud safety siren item (can't think of the word), or something else that's legal to at least shoot upward to scare the mountain lion away.  

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Re: Size in Perspective

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This is a screen shot from a Phillips 66 commercial.