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no response for me.  I tried iPad as well.  Sometimes it will be okay for a few minutes, then I am dropped again. I have to recover this wedsite every 2 minutes I have switched between chrome, IE and firefox all day No luck.


I hate to say this, as I am not intending this as an insult to the Q employees,.  But I wonder if they hire a few kids out of school to run the site.  Maybe Q gives the few resources and help, and just lets them have at it.


I think Q should be kind of ashamed. I am sure they care, but it is not a priority.  I don't think they know how it effects sales and such.  I couldn't even shop for product today.  The Q website was wonky on and off as well.  I gave up and went to Bobbi Brown site, and the Perricone site and placed my order.  I could have called, but I didn';t want to frankly.

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I agree, people post all kinds of pics./graphics, which makes page-loading take longer. Then to top it off, another poster "quotes"/repeats the same pics./ the next post!
The Q needs to streamline these Boards..maybe remove some of their recent "improvements", which make the Bbs look juvenile.
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Earlier I posted the following in the Suggestion Box, rather it does any good or not, I feel better:


WEBSITE running miserably, no excuses for QVC not to repair it ![ Edited ]






Like so many other users of the forum and website in general,I am finding it  now extremely slow

having to post 6 or more times and getting an unresponsive page each time and having to wait way too long. It is definitely not my computer.



I don't really care anymore what QVC's excuses are, they offer this to their consumers, and have enough income to have this site repaired properly and permanently.

I'm tired of all of the excuses. It can be done. So what if so many people are using it? They expected it, didn't they ? Even if the didn't, they should be on top of it enough

to do whatever is necessary to repair it. There are thousands of computers around the world that can handle their users, so they can find one or a way to make it work for us.


What ticks me off is that if it affected they methods of how we pay our bills, they would have attended to it pronto !


Perhaps we should just not pay on our accounts , and then do so as slow as this is.


Please message TPTB to do something about this. It's a shame QVC isn't earning the dollars I spend elsewhere because they haven't bothered to repair it.


Get on the ball QVC, turn lose some money and fix it !!!!!




Maybe if all who are upset flooded the president with complaining phone calls "en masse", they might do somethiong about it, I don't really  know. Someone asked about the phone number for Corporate (the President of QVC's office)
so here it is. It is (484)
701-1000. However, I have called a few times over the year and not received any attention, even though promised. The president is never in or available, I always get the female who answers and routes his calls to him. She seems perpetually grumpy.
Maybe a flood of complaint calls will do the trick !
Have a nice Labor Day anyway ! Woman Happy



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Yo! Hey you!  Clueless in West Chester...  It's now DAY 3 AND COUNTING.  Any plans to fix this junk yard dog?


Their web presence has always been a weak link. It's almost as though TPTB see a fully, routinely functional website as a perk, nice if it happens, no big deal if it doesn't. Time to rethink that one...

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Appears they have all taken the Holiday off.  I believe this has happened on other Holidays, too.  Some things never change.

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I have not had any problems posting. I have Windows 7 and I use IE. Hmmm...

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I get the kill page on chrome, but the site runs fine using an IPad.  No problems.  Pages load quickly.  

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yes mines been slow for maybe 4 days.. i thought it was just me
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The last 2 days have been ridiculously slow for me.  I don't think it's anything on my end. 

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For the 3rd day this board is almost unusable. GREAT job company who took the board over! Is the Q trying to make their customers mad? Perhaps they just want to eliminate the boards altogether. If so they are doing a bang up job.