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I haven't had any issues.  Yet.

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I'm posting to see if anyone is running into my problem on this site. For the last few days, I can't order anything on the computer. When I bring up an item, the picture and description is all that appears. The area with the order and reviews is blank.

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I'm having a terrible time today posting.  I keep getting a message that is not responding and everything basically freezes up.  I end up clicking back on the icon for the board I'm posting in and my posts are going through but this isn't worth it. 

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mine is running better.......still seems to be SLIGHTLY slow.

have not had any problems with the shopping part of the site.

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Yes, for days this site is barely running. Hope they fix it soon. I have to keep refreshing and signing back in. Annoying!

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@shoekitty wrote:



I did send QVC a message by email.  For me the site appeared after 2.5 days to be up and running from about 2 this afternoon (Pacific Time) until about 8:30PM this evening.


I hope others will share their frustration, especially about the Q's disinterest in the customers  struggling with this problem.  It has been not just the forums, but the QVC store as well.  I was booted off trying to buy a pair of boots.  Just as well.

I sent several not very nice 'feedback' messages. I agree, their apparent disinterest in our experience speaks volumes. A simple post somewhere acknowledging the problems and updating users would be welcome whenever there are problems, but we don't see them, as a rule. As for the shopping side, i see you and others were having problems there too. I wasn't shopping so don't know. I was able to access and navigate the shopping site, but didn't really explore or try to purchase.

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@JustJazzmom wrote:

@fortune wrote:

The only way to get any action from QVC is to call the office of the QVC president on Monday.  Customer service will give you that number.

Try Tuesday, Monday is Labor Day!

Ooops!  You're right!  Thanks!