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I just extended my Sirius X M subscription by 13 mtns by calling them when I saw a new annual 4.99 a mth.  I already had a Sirius subscription on this car, due to expire in Dec 2019 but I called and had them transfer to new subscription (at same price) that doesn't expire until Sept 2020.  We frequently make 1000 rt travel and I need my Sirius.  Btw, the first gal (at overseas call center wouldn't give me the deal but when I kicked it up to her supervisor and he said "yes" immediately.

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Re: Sirius

We negotiate every year. They should just give us loyal customers (and we've been with them for more than 10 years) the best deal rather than making us negotiate.
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Re: Sirius

I do this all the time for Sirius and Cable service.  If you call in and say you are going to cancel they will negotiate and give you a deal.

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Re: Sirius

The negotiating works for us with Sirus but cable will not budge.

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Re: Sirius

I've been able to negotiate with DishNetwork and Comcast for internet service.

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Re: Sirius

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I’m unlucky I guess. Cable wouldn’t budge.  Threats to cancel, nothing.  Had trouble my remote kept unpairing.  They offered me a new plan, saving a whopping $8 a month.  Sirius, wouldn’t budge, called three times, and finally offered me a “mostly music” plan @ 160 a year instead of everything for $238 or so.   But I don’t listen to the sports or talk shows so it’s better than nothing.  Btw, the cable is Comcast/xfinity.  Wonder why Sirius negotiations works for some and not others?  Do you cancel and then sign up again?  My dad changes cable almost yearly.  I don’t have the patience for choice.

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Re: Sirius

Yes, I too call in for a reduction of my Sirius.  And....Direct TV.....out of control but if you call the orient and talk to different people for almost 2 too can get a $50 a monthly discount on your Direct TV.  Apparently this is the new wave of the future - disgusting business practices - oh well, what can you do?