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Neither for me. I won't go out to do daily chores in a girdle, garterbelt, stockings, heels or pajamas. I tend to compromise somewhere in the middle.

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@skatting44 wrote:

I was in  Galloway NJ  , early Dec one year . An entire family of 4 generations of women  dressed in the same  printed PJ's all came down to the breakfast area at the hotel where I was staying . Yes, the entire family all in the same print PJ's like you see in that Pajamagram  catalog . It was something

@skatting44.  They wanted you to remember them, and it worked!

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@On It wrote:

@Kachina624 Nope! That is crossing the line. I will wear my faded jeans and a flannel shirt to the grocery, but that is a low as I go on the dress code scale.



@On It.  That's my super-casual uniform too.

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Not me but funny story. A couple years ago I drove in my night shirt to get a McGriddle through the drive thru. 

As I turned into McDonalds I hit something and immediately had to park as I was losing air on my tire. 

Called my sister to bring me jogging pants and pick me up. Now, I always dress casually even if just using the drive thru. 

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@Mersha @That is the funniest thing!

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Not in a MILLION years!!!!😁




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I recall seeing a photo of my mother and my grandmother walking down the sidewalk of the main shopping area of town. It must have been the late 40s or early 50s. They were wearing hats, gloves, heels, and suits. A street photographer took the photo. They were beautiful and looked so put together.


Back then, going to town to shop was an occasion. There was no TV in our area, only newspapers and magazines. Dressing for an outing among strangers was a big deal.

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This is so sad but true, and I'm guessing they weren't at Walmart mecessarily either.  I don't understand why you can't put clothes on to go shopping. 

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I never even wear my pjs around the house unless I'm sick with the flu (which hasn't happened in many years). It's amazing that a lot of people just don't care.

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What about some who wear skintight underwear!

With "camel toe"...stomach hanging out !

Omg ,an image...that would of been a " Glamour DONT " ....and still makes me cringe 😬