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With shipping sl very slow ,makes me nervous to order any thing .yesterday Monday i order 2 things ...and they wont be here till the 16 .i am going away for thanksgiving and wanted to bring gifts ,But 2 weeks to ship an item way to slow. Q should hire more help for the holidays .so i guess it off to amazon to look for something with 2 day shipping .they stay in progress for 3to 5 days .

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I wouldn't assume everything I order is sitting in a QVC warehouse, just waiting to be put into a box.


I've ordered a lot of items from QVC that are shipped by the manufacturer. That can be exceptionally fast, or surprisingly slow shipping.


Some things (I'm thinking some of the electronics) are made to order and shipped from overseas.


That said, their shipping is what it is, and I appreciate your choice to shop elsewhere because of it.

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I ordered some Curtis Stone items from HSN  2 days ago and received them today.  Now that's good.  I always get my HSN items quickly.  On the other hand, I have a couple things on the Q list and they are still processing.  Duh!

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Regardless of the source from which you order,  this time of year it pays to order well in advance of the time you need it.  Shipping can be influenced by a number of factors and can be erratic.

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Within the last week+, shipping has been very erratic to say the very least.   Are they not paying their carrier bills???  Have received emails on some orders that shipping has been delayed.  Some orders have remained in "processing" for several days or more.  Been doing my holiday shopping here for many years and this is the first time I've observed such lengthy chaos with shipping.  Good thing I decided to start my holiday shopping earlier this year.