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Omg hysterical...yet true🤪

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Very good!


Amazon once sent me a photo to show me that they had delivered my package...but it was not a photo of my home! lol Still have no clue where they delivered it! They never tried sending me a photo again! Woman Wink

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That is so cute.


But last week Amazon Prime had no idea where my package was after 7 days.  They said they gave it to UPS and UPS said they never received it. Amazon rep concluded it was lost.  I asked for them to resend since it was already paid for.  They said, No Can Do.  We'll refund you and you have to reorder.  But at least after I did so, it did arrive in two days.

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And then this happens.......


The owner of these parcels seems less than impressed after the delivery driver decided to dump them in the pouring rain under the mailbox and not take them to the front door. The unnamed snapper posted the image on Ebaumsworld

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Just put it under the mat



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I've been passing up this thread ... decided to take a peek ... what the ...



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Well, mine is a true story and I'm not laughing. That darn UPS truck passes my house heading over an hour away from me to be dropped off at USPS and I know that will now add on another 3-5 days sitting at good old Butner NC - not counting once it arrives at my local P.O. it will sit another day or two. Maybe longer since USPS doesn't care for the "sure post" they are getting so they let them sit until they decide it's ok to load them up - move them out!! It's stuff like this that is making me buy less and less from QVC. They do not care to listen to what we are going through. Out of mind out of sight!


Oh did I mention it was supposed to come today!! Also, it has not reached good old Butner yet!

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Smiley LOLi love this so much, thank you @sidsmom!