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I have better things to do with my time than shop for groceries so it's not a matter of being lazy. I pay a few for the service and it gives employment opportunities in my community.

I don't mind self checkout for smaller trips when I do shop but large grocery hauls, I would go somewhere where they have adequate lanes open. 

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My only experience with pick up orders is at Wegmans & Target during the height of the Pandemic. Wegmans didn't charge a "fee" for pick up, but the cost of each item was about 15-20% higher than if I walked in & bought it myself!!! Target didn't increase prices, and it was free to pick up. Never did home delivery of groceries, so cannot speak about that from personal experience.
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I spend about $30 in the produce aisle every couple of days.  I want to be able to pick out my own fruits and vegetables.  I had relied on delivery a couple of times at the height of the pandemic and was sadly dismayed at what was picked out for me.....No thought about freshness and condition and I paid online for organic and was given conventional.  I was credited over $60 because of that mixup, but didn't have delivered what I wanted....


My husband eats meat and I like to look over the different meat I'm buying for him.  I don't think we even bothered to order meat during that time as I knew I'd be disappointed.


I never have a problem with produce items not being tagged for me to ring up in self checkout.  I know so many by heart now and sometimes (at Whole Foods who doesn't have self checkout) I have to tell the cashier what the item actually is-- and what the SKU # is for that item.



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I refuse to help companies get rid of employees.  People need these jobs for various reasons.  We no longer have people answer phones, pump gas, checkers in all kinds of stores.  I won't help do that.


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Since I used to work a grocery store checkout I am used to doing it. I prefer to use self checkouts because I can bag stuff the way I want and I'm pretty quick. I also found that I'd either get a checker who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge me or on the other end of the spectrum I'd get one that would be really chatty -- this way I avoid all of that. I just wish they'd give a discount for doing all the work myself. Smiley Wink

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I used to despise them but I have really come to like the convenience of quicker exiting from the store.  I still let the clerks check me out if they are standing and waiting for someone and even ask if I am ready.  There is nothing worse than be bored silly at a job.  As far as self checkout I feel a lot less guilty getting a little bit more from the bakery dept. when no one sees it but me!!  

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