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@Kachina624, a broom doesn't do much! I can see this Snow Joe would probably work fine for seniors like me who need to clear a path on our patio or a short sidewalk from a light snowfall. Using a broom on snow is about as hard as using a snow shovel! I'll take the shovel and just push it sideways! LOL!

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Now that they sold out, they are pitching a larger model that does blow it off to the side. 


When the TSV came on at midnight I asked my husband if we needed a snow blower.  "They are forecasting the possibility of snow on Christmas Eve."  Ha ha.  But, I don't even think the daytime temps will be below freezing, so it won't stay around long.  


"How about just hunkering down?" he asks.  "Not a problem for me.  You're the one who can't stay home for 24 hours."  

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@Gorgf wrote:

How often do you get more than 6 inches of snow?  We rarely get a foot at one time. Three feet is not normal! I live in N. WI. and it is occasonal, but 6 in. was enough to close schools. 6 to 8 in. is not unusual.  I have one and it saves my back.  If it is alot I go through it twice. I can only get so much weight on a shovel also and take half.  Heavy wet or icy snow takes longer as clogs so stop and clear it. It is not meant for long driveways. 


For its size and price  it throws out pretty far and is light enough to not tire the arms. I use mine on my deck and sidewalks. More fun than using a shovel and only myself to so the shoveling. The worst part last year was putting it together another story. This year said 80% assembled.

That's good to hear.  I purchased it, and it seems like it will be a big help for where I live on the East Coast.  I hope so.  Sometimes it's hard to find snow shovelers!  

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I bought the Suncast Big Scoop a few years back (then around $30 now they're selling for much, much more. $190 on ebay? Seriously?) It's great. It's more dancing with the snow than shoveling the snow. You just slide it under the snow you want to remove, tilt it back, slide it to where you want the snow to end up. Give it a quick jerk forward, then pull back and the snow all slides off right where you want it. Other than carrying it out of the house, you never lift it. You just slide it everywhere. Google "Snow scoop" and you can find lots of videos on how to use one. It really is more like dancing with the snow than shoveling the snow. Ace Hardware sells the Garant Snow Scoop for $49.99 which looks very similar to the Suncast one I have. Snow scoops are reportedly how the Scandanavians deal with their snow. They get a lot of snow, so doing what they do makes sense.

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