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I do wish there was free shipping.

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We had about 10 inches. I did part of the deck a few days later so it was almost ice. I didn't start from the bottom but took off maybe 5 inches then started at the bottom. It worked really well then. 

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There was a similar one, if not the same model, sold on Amazon (it's sold out now) and the reviews were all over the place. I think I read people say about 3 to 4 inches was all that it could handle efficiently and anything deeper would require repeated sweeps. The charge only lasts about 25 minutes so think about might want to purchase an extra battery and keep it charged so that you will be able to shovel uninterruptedly.


Google search for this and you'll find an amazon listing for it and you can read the reviews there even though it's sold out:


Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit | 11-Inch | W/ 5.0-Ah Battery and Charger
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At 11 inches wide sounds good for making a path for the dog to go do his/her duty.

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@ValuSkr wrote:

I don't have one but have always thought it would only be good for clearing small amounts of snow, say up to 6".

@ValuSkr.  It's probably about as effective as a broom.

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I thought about it but after reading some reviews on Amazon for a similar item plus over in the questions area of the TSV and seeing the responses I've decided to pass.


Last year we had almost no snow and the year before we had a service but he no longer clears snow.  This year we had the kids next door (two young boys who were excited to do it) shovel and they did a pretty good job...of course I paid them for their hard work! Smiley Happy

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I have an electric snow shovel that sits nice and dry in the basement, it was used maybe twice. It's a schlep bringing it up the stairs, you need a really long and heavy duty extension cord. The path it makes is so narrow,  you have to clear the snow in layers for a significant snowfall, it isn't worth it.

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@Etoile308 wrote:

This seems practical for moderate snow storms. Being light weight and cordless is a godsend to many. For heavy duty snow clearing there are better options, gas powered, heavy, larger to store options.But for those that live in communities where sidewalks need cleared within 24hrs this seems an attractive purchase. 

Only time I ever saw that was the 31" snow fall we got.  One of those freak blizzard that happens every 10 years or so, complete with weird lightning & loud thunder.  One of my neighbors showed up with his father and used the gas powered things.  Boy was it loud!  They wouldn't take any money or anything.  My husband made some cookies for them the next day.  That was the year my school was closed for nearly a week and a half.  No one could get on the campus to clear it.

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DH bought one of these a couple of years ago.  We don't get much snow here.   3-4 inches of snow here is quite an event.  We live on a large corner lot and have a very long sidewalk that we like to keep clear for our walkers.  It is too much to shovel in addition to the long walk to the front of the house and the driveway.  But not worth buying a real snow blower either since we just don't get that much snow.


The few times he has had the opportunity to use it, it has worked well according to him.  


And now of course, since I posted this we will get slammed with 2 feet of snow all at once.  Murphy's law! Woman LOL

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when DH saw it. he said it shouldn't blow to the front, it should shoot it to the side.


We have a large gas snowblower.