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Robin McGraw

I was watching Dr. Phil today and saw Robin in the audience.  She looks terrible.  Her complexion is white as a ghost and she looks sickly.  I wonder if she really is sick.

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Re: Robin McGraw

@K9buddy I can't stand either of them. Fakes, both of them.

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Re: Robin McGraw

I sincerely hope she is not sick. If she is, I pray she is on the mend soon. I have always liked her. She is a class act and champions for prevention of and victims of domestic violence. I tried  some of her skin care line some time ago, and, although I prefer Clinique, it was still good (no break-outs)



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Re: Robin McGraw

I saw photos. Her face is askew. She has decided not to eat as well. I do feel sorry for these women who spend all their time dieting and having cosmetic surgery. As Clinton Kelly used to say, if you think you can compete with the twenty year olds, think agin. They will always win.

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Re: Robin McGraw

Haven't seen that show in a long time...but did watch a youtube video of her talking about using bio-identical hormones...and she looked good in it.  Not sure how long ago that was....she was taking some cream and rubbing it on her arms....both estrogen/testosterone it was.  I am super pale too...but she has really dark hair...maybe that's it?

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Re: Robin McGraw

Dr Phil is still on the air? Didn´t know that.

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Re: Robin McGraw

Never could watch him. I don't know what she looks like.
I thought they were divorcing? I read it somewhere, I think.
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Re: Robin McGraw

I was waiting for this subject to come up as I do not know how to

start a thread


I don't watch anymore ...but did run into it roaming around the dial ...

I couldn't believe how awful she looks ....that's a bad face lift ...

Kind of reminds me of Pricella Presley .....Maybe I should be glad

I can't afford to have work done ......

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Re: Robin McGraw

I watched the show today too and thought the same thing.   Her hair even looked terrible, which was surprising since they were celebrating his 3,000 th show with special guests etc.

       Her appearance was a shock because she usually looks beautiful but not today!  JMO

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Re: Robin McGraw

I don't watch Dr, Phil but did notice Robin is always in the audience and they walk out together.  He walks so fast she can barely keep up with him.