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In my area of Michigan, the vast majority of stores will not let me use my own bags. even if I bag my own groceries. 


Meijer will allow it I use their shop & scan option, but I rarely shop there. The few pennies I might save are offset by the inconvenience of it being a huge, busy store.

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Our local supermarket has banned all reusesble bags they pack all  items into the brown paper bags which they supply at checkout.

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I havent used any and toss the store bags into the trash. I used to keep some of them. 

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I always use plastic bags. When I've unpacked, I pass them on to my sister and she uses them for when she walks her dog and needs a "poop" bag.

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My local Trader Joe's does not currently allow you to bring your own bag.  They typically double bag all my purchases.

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If a store won't let you bring your own bags, they shouldn't charge you for supplying theirs.

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When reuseable bags began, some that had been used were found with the strep virus.


I have never used them, and don't plan to.

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in my area, if you want to use your own bags, you must bag your own stuff.


if you want the cashier or bagger to bag your items, you have to use paper or plastic that they provide.


i am currently NOT using my own bags, but trying to use the stores paper bags when i can so that they can easily be recycled.

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I have always had a few I use but when they told me I had to put them on the floor and pack them myself, I stopped using them. I keep them in the car and out the plastic bags into them when I get to the car and makes it easier to carry into the house.
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Here we are allowed ,i used them today, it is so hot here,i was glad.

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