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Is a 5% rent increase a normal amount? Thank you.

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Ask the manager.


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We have seen 20% increases in my area.  There is a housing shortage with so many people moving here so a lot of places feel that it's justified.

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Here in Arizona, a 5% increase is a bargain. Renters have been complaining about their rent increasing 20 to 30%.

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@May5 wrote:

Is a 5% rent increase a normal amount? Thank you.





Any price increase below the rate of inflation?  Sounds like a bargain to me. If only I could control the increases of my Property Taxes, mostly going to idiots to throw away more money to school board members that don't know what the word "budget" means. Why? They are from the top end that never had to set one.


Sign it while you still can,



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I don't know where you live but, considering the times, 5% sounds like a good deal.  I would renew it for several years, if possible.

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Nothing is normal anymore.
Mine was increased by 7% this year and by 3% last year. Probably depends on the area you live in, but rentals are going crazy here - used to be very reasonable. I think they are raising them a ridiculous amount because they can, not just because costs have went up that much. 

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That's a very generous landlord.  Definitely very very reasonable. 

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Probably trying to make up the large sums of money they lost during the pandemic when people didn't have to pay rent.......