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My last renewal fee was cut in half from what they wanted to charge me when I said I was not going to pay that exhorbitant amount.  It galls me that a large corporation that is very popular will take high fees from people when they clearly can afford to charge lower amounts.  No business should be allowed to operate in this manner.  It's like a game, find the best fee behind  door #1, 2, or 3 and Good Luck to You!

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It's a nice to have, but not a must have for me.  So if they bump me up, which I'm sure they will, I will just cancel.  

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I consider it an essential for us in our primary car. We frequently take 6-20 hour roundtrips , through the mountains and deserts.  Sometimes we start very early and end very late, so it's a safety, staying alert thing. As long as we are doing this, we'll stay subscribers.

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@NickNack wrote:

Have you all ever called to cancel and they just say "okay"?  I've never called but really hate to pay such a high price for this.  I just got my notice and think I will try to get it reduced this time.  When do you call?  Just right before it's due?

@NickNack  Yes. When the price went up husband called asking for a lower price. They said no so he said he was going to cancel. They said ok we will cancel. And they did. 

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I had to jump through hoops to get our lifetime subscription transferred to our new car. It was a big upfront purchase. We've had it for 10 years already so I'm not about to let that get away. I wish they still offered those, but they don't make money that way. I get to make the phone call for our other car because the monthly subscription is up next month. 

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I called this year and just started with "I need to cancel" and they gave me $89 for the year for all access since I use it more in my Amazon Echo than I do in my car now.


I paid $99 last year for All Access so I was surprised it was lower this year.


I guess maybe starting out with "cancelling" made them cut to the chase.

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