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I did that once--with the suggestion from my mail guy--it was something that I needed to pay an extra 8 bucks for----for some weird reason and he said he wouldn't pay that and he would reject it--but he gave me proof too and i never had to do much. Can't remember what in the heck it was either.  Also canceled a bed frame from Walmart while it was being shipped----was always being delayed and finally i just had enough and called CS for them to cancel---it took about 1/2 hr on the phone with them but they did it. 'this was all way before the current stupidity going on.

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Wayfair is the WORST, I have the tracking number on what I refused because they gave it to me when it finally shipped, 3 months after the fact.  Wouldn't let him cancel a back order.  It was something my husband ordered, pretty expensive.  by the time it arrived he had passed away.  He tried to cancel the back order many times and they kept saying no.  Crappy way to treat customers.


So think twice when complaining about the Q.  We had been customers of Wayfair for many years. NEVER AGAIN