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Re: Red Cross - And Donations



I know that folks can give to other charities besides the Red Cross.  Rather than give cash which some folks felt went to higher admin. expenses, I was suggesting that folks could volunteer and see the good that gets done.


As for volunteering, I do that very close to home: food banks, serving on board of developmentally disabled, serving on academic board and planning council, serving as renewal facilitator at my parish, etc.


As for donating: cash, articles, blood....


Emotional and spiritual support to executive of the Red Cross.


There are so many needs....doubt if they ever can be satisfied in this world !

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
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Re: Red Cross - And Donations

We also have donated to the Red Cross for many disasters..but we now support a local charity that provides disaster relief nationally & was started by a minister in 1990 & more than 99% of their donations go the relief & are accounted for..wherever we travel, we have seen their semis on the roads..

It is a relief, trusting that your donations go to the right place at the right time! Continue praying for Texas & Florida!

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Re: Red Cross - And Donations

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We gave to the hand in hand charity event that was on tv this week in that one hour show. They give/split the money to various places including helping children, and pets, habitat for humanity etc.etc all for the hurricanes. There's a whole list on their website. (No red cross).


On a funny note, I thought when I called in Id get to speak to DeNiro or Richard Gere or Julia Roberts who were some of many stars manning the phones. lol. But i didn't get anyone famous which is ok but Id have love to talked to 1 of those 3 stars. lol. PS) They raised a lot of millions in just one hour.

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Re: Red Cross - And Donations

I hope you don't think I was implying that I thought it was easy for anyone to do this work.  I know it is not, and admire anyone who can be hands on.


For myself, I've learned my limitations and financially help many local and national organizations that do work I admire. 


Thankfully, helping takes many forms.