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I am  so very sorry.   

Something very similar happened to a dear friend, with her kitty. My friend woke in the morning, and her boy was at the foot of the bed, on a comforter, he had come into the room, at some time in the night, she didn't hear him, and he passed.  

When she told her Vet how bad she felt, her Vet told her, "but, you were with him, you were right there close, and he felt your love, just as he always did, that gave him the comfort, to pass peacefully". 

Many hugs and prayers of comfort, for you and your wife! 

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 @hckynut  I just read the bad new about about your Sadie! Don't know how I missed it! 

 My Krypto had to be put down on July 13, same day as your Molly. Cremated also in a lovely carved box and he will be buried with me. 
  Two so close is awful for Y'all! They each are so special and we miss them so much. 
  My Snickers is enjoying the attention since her friend passed, I've really spent more time with her. 
  Take care!


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I'm so sorry, @hckynut. I have no doubt those cats knew they were loved. What a blessing you and your wife were to them. 

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@hckynut , I am so sorry for your loss!  I choose to believe we will meet up again with our beloved pets in the next and better life.  They've brought so much happiness to our lives here that I can't help but believe we will see them again.  

I've read that all other creatures live as God intends by instinct, that is is only man that has a choice of how to live.  This gives me hope that I'll see my lost babies when I, hopefully, reach the pearly gates.

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Forgot to mention how I love your posts!




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Sorry john.  So sad.  You gav ethem all agood life, and thye gave you all they had to give.  I do think it is better to go peacefully in sleep.  That is how i would want to go.  Yes, they do give up sometimes when their life friend is not there anymore.  They are like us humans.