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Rainbow Bridge II

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We had another of our once big feline family cross the bridge sometime during the night. Sadie ♥️ is now with her sister Molly. Molly had been sick but Sadie was the healthiest all our others.


I went into my wife's bedroom to clean the litter box and saw only 2 cats on the bed with her. I called for Sadie and she didn't respond as she always does. I walked over to the foot of the bed, and found her lying on her side. I knew right away she was gone.


My wife was still lying in the bed and I wasn't sure how to tell her. Decided it was just best just to tell her that Sadie was dead. Had to repeat it 3 times until she got out of bed to see Sadie.


We called out Vets office and set up arrangements to take her to the Rainbow Bridge to have her cremated as we have all our others before her. Only been 2 weeks since we got Molly's ashes.


I really think Sadie died of a broken heart because she had not sick at all. Molly died on July 13, the same day as my wife's mother, which was in 2016. Sadie died today which is my wife's mothers birthday. These coincidences are staggering, much like those of my own maternal family's deaths.


Sadie and her sister Molly were born somewhere on our property. She was with us for over 16 years, as was her sister. We went from 13 and are now down to 4. It is hard to believe as it has been decades that we have had only 4 felines in our homes.


We know they are all back to their youth and now together. Our only regret is we did not get to say goodbye to Sadie, and this is really effecting my wife since she was in the room.


She wonders why she was not holding Sadie when she crossed the bridge. Knowing her, this will be very hard to forgive herself, even though there is no way she could have known.



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I'm so sorry, @hckynut.

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Oh my....another huge loss, so close to the last one.  So very sad. 😢


My deepest sympathies to you and your wife.  

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@hckynut  & Mrs. hckynut, I am so sorry. I held one of ours a few months ago while she passed away. So heartbreaking. Again, so sorry.

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Oh, no! Another cat crosses the bridge. I am so sorry for your and your wife's loss. 

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Deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet Sadie.


I always envied your large feline family, and know the sadness of losing a beloved member.


Sadie and Molly are reunited...and knew your love for them until the end.


Rest in peace sweet Sadie and Molly.

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I'm sorry to read this @hckynut. It's so hard to lose an important fuzzy member of the family. From the cats I've had, they seem to consider it being together just to be in the same room with you. And often they hide away when they feel ill or know they're about to cross over.


The way I see it, your dear wife was with Sadie when she passed, from a cat's point of view. Sadie must have felt very safe and trusted you both very much to allow her passage to happen nearby while everybody was cozy together sleeping and dreaming. Which we all know is one of the things cats love most in the whole world.

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@hckynut , So sorry, tell your wife ,she simply did not know sadie was going to leave this world,  maybe sadie wanted it that way.

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I'm so sorry for your loss 😔

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So sorry for your loss.A big hug for you and your wife.