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RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

Wow. This one hits hard, as well.

Another suicide & another voice of a generation gone.


Prodigy is a British electronic-acid-rave band, which has been

popular since the 90s. Yes, they had hits which were controversial,

but ‘Breathe’ and ‘Firestarter’ was playing everywhere back

in the mid-90s. Their videos were on constant rotation on

MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball.  Definitely known for his ‘scary” unusual

hair/eyeliner/piercings a lead localist, those raspy vocals

will be hard to duplicate.  Shame. 



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Re: RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

Another tragedy in the music world.  So many have passed and so many voices silenced not to be dublicated, may he rest in peace.

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Re: RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

It's as though one suicide begets another suicide.


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Re: RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

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RIP although this is the first I’ve heard of him. 


Drugs?  No cause given yet. 


When drugs are the cause, I wonder if they really consciously wanted to die or if they were just sloppy. 



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Re: RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

Keith Flint,

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Re: RIP: ‘Prodigy’ Keith Flint, 49

Very sad.  Another "celebrity" who I have no idea about, but I worry when young people see these celebrities commit suicide.  Too often, children want to emulate them.

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