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He will be greatly missed.


Little Richard, piano-pounding music icon, dies at 87


Little Richard was often hailed as the "Architect of Rock and Roll." He became known in the 1950s and onward for his outrageous styles of  dress, his chaotic, electrifying performances, and his eccentric off-stage personality. 


Richard was among the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His health declined in his later years, with his last concert being held in 2014. In the last years of his life he belonged to the Seventh day Adventist Church. His son, Danny Penniman, said he died from bone cancer in his Tennessee home.  


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....The third of 12 children, he grew up in Macon, Georgia. His father, a bricklayer who was embarrassed by his son’s affectations, was shot to death in a fight in 1952. In hopes of curing Richard’s birth defect — his right leg was three inches shorter than his left — his mother, Leva, sent him to the New Hope Baptist Church every Sunday.


There he discovered a talent for singing. At the age of 10, Richard started a group called the Tiny Tots Quartet, which put on gospel music shows at churches and old folks’ homes—and took its pay in sweet potatoes. "There wasn’t any rock’n’roll at that time," he recalled to PEOPLE years ago. "So we sang gospel. Everybody around us was singing gospel—the women hanging out the wash, the old men on the porches at night, everybody."....



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I meant to post earlier, Little Richard never seemed to age. Of course I haven't seen him in the past few years but every time I did see him for decades past the 1960s he hadn't seemed to age and looked like he always had.
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"God bless Little Richard, one of my all-time musical heroes. "
----Ringo Starr on Twitter.
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I always liked him.


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@Pearlee    There is another thread about Richard Little passing and I posted on that one and now found yours.  Yes, he was an amazing performer.  Songs like:


Tutti Frutti

Good Golly Molly

Keep Knocking

A Whole Lot Of Shakin'


I don't know that anyone could sit still when he performed, if nothing else, you had to tap your feet.


                          RIP Little Richard.

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My local radio station is playing a tribute to him right now.  They mentioned that his Mom loved his music but his Dad didn't. They said his Dad could not figure out why he had to scream. Lol! He inspired so many musicians. As previously mentioned on here he had an influence on the Beatles. He will be missed but his music will live on.