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From the UK Guardian:
The Specialty singles exerted a profound influence on a later generation of musicians – Paul McCartney was a huge fan, and the Beatles performed Richard’s songs in concert.

“I could do Little Richard’s voice, which is a wild, hoarse, screaming thing. It’s like an out-of-body experience,” McCartney said. “You have to leave your current sensibilities and go about a foot above your head to sing it. You have to actually go outside yourself.”

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@drizzellla 😀
He plays the piano and sings Tutti Fruitti in Down and Out. IMO it's much funnier than Ruthless People.
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@KLevineFan. Thanks for your post. When I first read the news, I immediately thought that the Beatles said they were influenced by LR (among other Americans in rock and roll) and thought that McCartney is probably very sad about this news.
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So sorry to hear that.  So influential a talent, and such ENERGY and verve and showmanship.  RIP.

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Re: RIP Little Richard

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I've written this before on the QVC Forum, but Little Richard was also a kind-hearted and sympathetic soul.  My brother knew him on a friendly, professional level, and when Little Richard learned that our mother had passed, he sent flowers as well as his condolences.


I'll never forget what he said to my brother upon hearing the news of our mother's death: "I know what you're going through."   As I recall, Little Richard had not too long before lost his own mother.


Without question Little Richard was one of the seminal popularizers of rock and roll and did much to seed this genre.  His performances were a joyful, musical romp! 


May he rest in peace!


[I just remembered something else that attests to Little Richard's good nature.  The last time he performed in the D.C. Metro Area, he was at a venue in Northern Virginia (I don't remember where).  The newspaper reported that, as was his custom, Little Richard took all his band members/entourage out to eat.  I remember that he took them to the Golden Corral at the Fair City Mall (Fairfax, Va.).  I don't think that the buffet is even there any longer.  Anyway, I pictured in my mind what a surprise that must have been for the local patrons.]     

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A pioneer and one of the greats.  Godspeed, Little Richard.

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didn't he do a commercial years ago with Joan Rivers?

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I did not find a commercial, but found this, among others.

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I too enjoyed Little Richard everytime I saw him on TV or in a movie.  I love that style of playing the piano - outrageously and that he had such great vocals whilst playing like that was incredible.


He certainly was one of the great rock n rollers.  Always memorable and very likeable.


May he RIP.

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Such a bright star. He will be very missed.

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