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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

There are a lot of good ideas here.  I really need to up my frozen food game.


I did have the Veg Lasanga from Amy the other night and it was not bad.  In general, that Amy knows what she is doing.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

I have several types of soups, chili, beef stew, turkey slices with gravy, lasagne and Shepherds  pie,   A few different types casseroles, Meat balls and sauce, sausage with peppers and onions in sauce, 


Mine are all homemade.  I often make extra or even cook specifically to stock the freezer.


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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

@desertDi wrote:

@MaizeandBlue wrote:

@desertDi In your honor I will open this thread.  


I will open with packets of Tabatchnik frozen Pea Soup--with or without salt.  However, I find them hard to get here. 

@MaizeandBlue    Well, for starters, I have been buying Healthy Choice Plant Based Power Bowls........and Healthy Lifestyle Vegetarian dinners!!   di

Those are good @desertDi.