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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

@MaizeandBlue   Tater Tots are always available in my freezer.  Fry an egg over hard and I have a quick meal.


I try to keep frozen tortellini on hand.  Open a jar or can of spaghetti sauce and fifteen minutes when the tortellini is ready the sauce has heated through--pretty instant gratification.



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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

Schwan's lasagne is great! It comes in single serving size (which really is enough for two) or family size. Schwan's has lots of frozen entrees that look good, although I mostly just eat their ice cream.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

Amy's Vegan Rice Mac & Cheeze.  I steam cauliflower or broccoli and mix it in and add a bit of Trader Joe's Jalapeño Sauce and it makes a tasty and filling meal.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

Michael Angelo's Eggplant Parm it is so good. 

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

An Atkins frozen dinner.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

@pitdakota wrote:

Well ok, I can add to this topic, maybe.


Have to admit that we really like the Heartland Fresh chicken fried chicken from QVC.  


We also like the RAOS frozen entree of chicken parmigana.  Add a quick salad and there is a quick and nice dinner for us. 


Oh, that chicken fried chicken is soooo good!   I've never even added a grain of salt to it.  It's perfect as it is.


I usually have a few Lean Cuisines on hand.  I don't eat them every day but there are several that I really like.    The spinach and artichoke ravioli is a fav of mine and I add a few green beans in with it.  They also make these 'bowls' that are pretty good.   I eat one that's a meat lover one and one that's a meatless one, plus the pizza with the cauliflower crust is pretty good (I do add a little more pepperoni and shredded mozzarella).


I usually have some frozen things on hand that I have made, myself, like turkey chili and split pea soup.


I also frequently have a DiGiornos pizza in the freezer.   With that, I also add some more pepperoni and shredded mozz.  I always have some of both of those on hand.   One of those feeds me for 3-4 days.


That reminds me that I need to vac-seal my last chicken fried chicken AD order.  That was the end of my last AD for that.   I had it on AD for a year, then two years on the next time, as that was how they offered it.   I have a ton of it on hand because I can only eat so much!  heh



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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

Ok.........I forgot to add Michael Angelo's eggplant parmigiana, and Edwards key lime pie......

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

Trader joes ,frozen mac&cheese.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

A few days ago I bought a gallon of excellent chili at the Farmers Market.  Put 4 individual containers of it in the freezer for days I don't feel like cooking.

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Re: Quick Meal From The Freezer

I have a lot of meals l could fix quickly or in a short period of time in my freezer.  The hardest part for me is what to fix.  Depends on my husbands appetite.  He has health issues and can make it tough sometimes.  Always have Ensure on hand and TV dinners too.