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Re: Question for those retired

This was interesting reading. So many of you are night owls. The latest I can stay up is 9pm but usually I crash between 8-8:30. Honey bunch goes down about 9:45.

We get up at 5 every morning 7 days a week to work out. Turned one of our bedrooms into a work out room so quick to get started.

If by some strange reason I happen to not wake up until 6 I wake up with a headache.

I may sometimes doze off for a bit while reading but it’s not every day.

I just cannot stay awake late. Wish I could. Only time is if there is an activity but it has to be stimulating or I’ll struggle to stay awake. I sleep like a rock, luckily

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Re: Question for those retired

I retired in June of 2015.  I always had the alarm set for 5:30 am but usually naturally awaken around 5 am.  No alarm clock now but I still wake up around 5 am or earlier.  When the time changes, my body automatically changes with it.  


I go downstairs to get my coffee, surf the tv channels as I prop myself back in bed along with my friend, the iPad.  By 9 am or earlier I'm dressed and ready to go to my fitness center for about three hours.  Some days I go to meetings or lunch with my Red Hatter friends.


At night, I usually don't go to sleep until midnight.


We don't have as much money as we use to as disposable funds but I'm very content and definitely taking it easy.  Life is good.

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear". (By Ram Dass, an American Spiritual Teacher) \em>
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Re: Question for those retired

I am trying to get on a schedule going to bed at 1 am and getting up at 8 am.  There are times especially if I forget and drink caffeine that I cannot get to sleep until 4 am or 5 am but I do sleep a full 7 hours.  I use to be an 8 hour sleeper in my younger years but now at 68, I am more like a 7 hour sleeper..  i sometimes nap in the afternoon.  My energy level is not what is use to be.  Cat Indifferent

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