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Actually everyone does get QVC2, since it's also online via the regular QVC website. 


My disappointment and now indifference is that there are so few live presentations, and no way to determine in advance which show is live (no notations in the Q2 program guide here online  state "live" versus "recorded").   I was happy with Q2 for a couple of days, but that trial & error of checking the link for the Q2 shows got old real quick.  Until my cable company (Xfinity) carries it, I probably won't be checking in at all. 

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I have read QVC sales are slipping, so not sure why they would start a second channel with the same products and a sprinkling of live shows.  I have watched the channel but not impressed at all.  In the Kitchen with Mary is boring, I am tired of Mary trying to be a female David and it is just the same products.  LOGO is too expensive and the fashions are not impressive at all any longer.  I can get the same nice clothing and better style at EVINE and HSN.  EVINE has affordable payments and the use alot of the same fabrication as LOGO (rayon/spandex) in tops and it is less than half the price  Who is going to pay 90.00 for a cardigan?  Pricing is way off base for her line.  Wake up QVC!!!