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What is the purpose of the 2nd QVC Channel?   So few people even get that channel...I do not.... and they Talk  about it like everyone gets it? Same shows, same products ....just why?

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baffles me, too....along with the beauty q..or whatever its called....if they are going to have a beauty station...then why are there still so many beauty shows on the regular q.....

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I thought they'd start having more good live shows but it's just the same old stuff.... Boring on QVC, boring on Q2. 

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I enjoy Q2 as an alternative to regular QVC programming.  Something for everyone. It is unfortunate that your cable/satellite service does not have the channel, but plenty of us do.  Otherwise I doubt it QVC would keep improving the offerings on the channel. 

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Even if your cable/satellite system doesnt carry the channel, you can still watch it on


On the main page of the website on the right hand side click SHOP QVC TV




Where it says CHANNEL, pull down the arrow to QVC2, set your time zone and date




On the left hand side where it says QVC TV MENU, click WATCH TV LIVE and make sure QVC2 is the live stream tab shown........


VIOLA!---you may need to wait a minute or two depending on your internet speed etc......


I guess QVC thinks they are really up to date having the channel on a live stream---Woman LOL  Sad thing there are now 2 channels showing the same limited products, but they added a new show with a perhaps little seen host.........


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I like it, it gives me a choice. Maybe one channel has jewelry and the other has beauty or kitchen item, maybe I'm not interested in either , but I have watched more QVC since they added Q2.

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I like it because they are offering live fashion programs.  But can someone tell me why I cannot fast forward the program that I DVRed? Very annoying!

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I like it, it gives me a choice. Maybe one channel has jewelry and the other has beauty or kitchen item, maybe I'm not interested in either , but I have watched more QVC since they added Q2.

I haven't.  I've tried but everytime I've gone to Q2 because I can't stand what's on QVC, something equally uninteresting is being shown. 

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Q: "What is the purpose of the 2nd QVC channel?"

A: The same as the 1st QVC channel.


I've been watching Q2 (formerly QVCplus ) for a few years. I like the new shows, new Big Deal, new choices that came along with the recent name change.


I rarely caught Leah in the morning on QVC, but now enjoy her on her own PM Style show on Q2.


Rachel had a show of first showings the other night filled with items that had NOT been aired on QVC yet. So viewers had first shot at all colors and sizes.


I like new ITKWMary.

I enjoy the extra garden shows.

ALL of the clothing designers seem more relaxed on Q2.

I enjoy extra opportunities to see Blue Jean Chef.

Some old shows, some new. Some old at new times and with new hosts.


There are a variety of ways to watch TV shows nowadays. You say, "So few people even get that channel".


You choose a satellite or cable provider that doesn't offer QVC2.

You could stream it. You choose not to.

Your choice. 


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Everyone does get Q2....everyone can get it online.   But, so does Qvc, so I don't understand the point of Q2 either.  I do understand Beauty iQ, beauty products are big business and very profitable for all the shopping channels, so a channel dedicated to those items makes perfect sense.