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Just saw this today, July 15, and haven't seen anyone post it. In case you are interested, here it is! Heart



Changes to Our QVC2® Broadcast Channel

At QVC®, our experiences are always evolving. Starting Wednesday, July 15, at Midnight ET, QVC2 will move away from its current mix of live and recorded programming to focus on encore presentations of your favorite shows, special events, and weekly must-sees.


Rest assured—if you’re a QVC fan, there will still be more to explore on QVC2. Tune in for your favorite brands and your favorite hosts, and to catch rebroadcasts of the QVC shows you might have missed. Plus, we’ll continue to bring you the QVC2 Big Deal®, with recorded presentations airing throughout the day, every day. To see our Programming Calendar, click here.


We understand that you’ll miss some of our unique QVC2 programming—but we hope you’ll discover new shows to love on our other platforms. You’ll find original series on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Visit to watch the ever-changing programming on our digital-only channel—from Beauty iQ to The Holiday Cheer Channel. And remember, you can always watch us on demand on Roku®, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV®.


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Yep, this has been posted.  It's the talk of the town.

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@World Traveler 

Thank you.. I appreciate your info...

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Thank you for the information @World Traveler. 


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@Kachina624 I should have done a more thorough search. Smiley Frustrated

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It's really not surprising at all.  They can't even run 24 hour live programming on the original channel.  Having Q2 and Q3 was a ridiculous idea.  They are struggling for sure.

Myself, I cannot stand watching previously recorded shows that most likely have sold out of many items or your size is no longer available. Total nonsense.

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Wonder why qvc 2 is still posting a big deal if it's all repeats!