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I've lost interest in QVC and no longer watch for so many reasons. To QVC, "fashion" is joggers, sweatshirts, and pajamas.

But I do remember when Q had a variety of designers and dressy clothes in every style. I've found (again!) how fun it is to shop in person so I can try on clothing, feel the fabric and inspect quality before I pay for anything. No shipping charges. Take it home the same day. What a concept!

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I feel the Q has really gone downhill. I really enjoyed shopping with them in years gone by, have some very nice Tiffany style lamps, decor from Linda Dano, Joan Rivers egg ornaments, clothing by Linea, Mackie, Koos, and Simonton. Sadly, those days are over. I now see overpricing, less quality, and unattractive fashion that I would never even consider purchasing. Every thing is so repetitive--KitchenAide, Dyson, electronics, Calista, WEN, LOGO, shoe shopping shows, Josie, Philosophy, HALO, and on and on.