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Re: QVC is Out of my League, Anymore!

@KathyM23 wrote:

I don't like the B&M stores because of the quality of the material used.  I touch the material and pass on by.  Susan Graver, Issac, D&C and many other QVC vendors have far superior material to what I find at B&M except at the higher end stores or department and the prices there are far more than at QVC.  I don't complain about QVC prices or shipping.  I don't like the shipping cost, but it is less than the other places I shop.  I don't do Land's End or LLBean, so I miss out on their free shipping, but the stores I do use don't have free shipping and are more than QVC.  No complaints from me.  Don't like the prices or shipping fees, but I do understand them.


@KathyM23  I agree 100%