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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

@Luvmycats, I think the same for some hosts! smh

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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

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@Shawnie  Hey there. That is not the video they are speaking of in this thread. The one they are talking about she had on a white dress extremley short, I think S. Killinger was the host. 




this is the video..... i have to say i love shawns dress also!

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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

Thanks for posting the video @sunshine45.  Just watched it and I have to agree it does look a slip instead of a dress.  If the material was different I think it would have been better.  I understand this may be what's "in" in Hollywood, but perhaps not on a shopping channel?  However, her body parts are covered up.  She's not showing nearly as much as another vendor here at the Q.

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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

@VanSleepy  That is how those that anoint themselves as arbiters of what is right or wrong silence others of differing opinions. They use attack methods that are tried and true, one of them being to label others by a unkind name . IMO, there is nothing modern or oh so special about people dressing inappropriately. What has become more usual is when someone points out the inappropriateness, others rush to the defense of that person and "dress down" the individual pointing it out. Irony. My maxim, there is nothing new under the sun.

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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

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Wow, I had to see what you were referring to and that slipdress is way to short and IMO not appropriate.


Perhaps they could have taken Shawn's earrings and wrapped them around the guests waist to help cover her up.


Between the super short dress and the oversized earrings, I couldn't even concentrate on what was being sold.


Shawn looked nice, but those earrings and the guests attire make it difficult to pay attention to the product being sold.

@CAcableGirl  You do have a way with words, absolutely hilarious!  Those earrings reminded me of some of the tassles that embellish tiebacks used on drapes and curtains.  I have a really big tassle that I use to tie back my lace shower curtain!

@ScarletDove Those earrings that Shawn wears are going to be sold on the Q this summer. It will be interesting to see how they do. 


@panda1234  Yes it will ...LOL ....and they will work on some, but those tassles are not my style...


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Re: QVC guests need a dress code!!

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That dress does look like a slip.  The back was more revealing. 


It makes me laugh that we are now to the point of being okay with what someone is wearing as long as their lady parts are covered.  Woman LOL


While I hated that dress, I do think it was a bad outfit choice for selling a lip scrub on QVC.