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I love QVC, I am a long time customer, your hosts are all so polite and fun, except for show last nite hosted by Stacy Stauffer, your models are the best & work hard, was annoyed at the arrogance shown by Stacy to Maria & Michelle I think , 27 minutes into show they came out & Stacy said "Where were you two we started 27 minutes ago" It was uncalled for & I felt terrible for those 2 Models Are show hosts the models boss? Not a nice thing to do to them on air!! But the models took it in stride, but she was RUDE. Where did you find this aggressive individual? send her back , she is loud & unpleasant.{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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That is not cool. I have not seen many of Stacy's shows, but did catch her awhile back hosting an overnight show with Bob Mackie. I thought she was rude to him. She kept talking over him and didn't seem to want to hear his comments.


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So who is Stacy Stauffer?