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Re: Problems with mail delivery

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Problems with mail delivery in part stems from unfortunate changes made to our post office by the Postmaster General.  This happened months ago.  It is not Covid related.



Problems with ours began 5 years before Co-Vid and before recent changes at USPS----everybody was getting everyone else's mail in their box.  Also getting other peoples packages and the address wasnt even close to ours.... Mailman did away with our community Out Mail Box.....Ordered stamps online and never got them....And just overall lousy service....  In talking to a former mail person who worked at that USPS branch, her exact words were "my co-workers were a bunch of idiots".....(her words not mine)

Guess my post office is on top of things.  I have been lucky to not have the experiences you stated.

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Re: Problems with mail delivery

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Re: Problems with mail delivery

I'm reading through all the problems people have and wonder if it has to do with new hires helping out?  We have had no problems at all.


Now trash pick up today showed up at 8:00 this morning instead of the usual early afternoon.  Thankfully our bin went out last night.


Seems to be some disruption in many services. 


I sent an item back to Amazon last June through UPS.  Received the credit the same day as usual but the item didn't arrive back at Amazon until August.



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Re: Problems with mail delivery

Yes, @songbird,  our mail service is almost non-existent.  Most streetside mailboxes have been removed over the summer, so we have to go to a post office to mail anything.  Outgoing mail we've put in our house mailbox has been stolen (along with our identities).  Some items we mail don't get to their destination.... and items mailed to us disappear and are never seen again.  We have switched to paying bills online or in person.  


Some days our mail is delivered at 9am, some days as late at 7pm.  Some days, not at all.   We no longer trust the US Mail.

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Re: Problems with mail delivery

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My mail often comes between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.  Our carriers have huge routes. Lately, my carrier cannot work one day or part of a day per week because he is over his "allowed" 60 hrs. per week schedule. On those days, other carriers fill in after they have finished their routes. I have noticed that my PO, which is great on getting packages to us, needs more time to sort packages from all kinds of sources, including Amazon, so my packages sometimes are held an extra day.  Between the extra online shopping due to Covid, crush from the holidays, ballots, and everything else, I believe that my carriers and post office workers are doing a stellar job.

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Re: Problems with mail delivery

I too signed up for Informed Delivery. However, even then there are days I don't get what they tell me I'm getting. This began happening in the summer of this year.