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Primetime Specials

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No Primetime Specials yet, but 127 Lunchtime Specials of nothing but Isaac Mizrahi.


ETA:  They just posted and still all Isaac.

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Primetime Specials are all Isaac.  

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I typed primetime specials & it came up. All Isaac again. I have not had good luck with anything I've ordered from him in the lasy several months. I think the quality has gone down & it's the same thing over & over again. In fact I love Belle by Kim Gravell & had to return items due to the size cart being off by 2 inches or more. Maybe it's not being monitored as closely as it used to be. I used to be able to depend on the garment sizing, but not anymore. The compuer system had problems again this afternoon. Something is not right. I'm taking a break, but I still like to look. 

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It was all IM today for lunch time specials....tonight I almost ordered a pair of shoes...then suddenly the words " no returns ".  Appeared...I changed my mind about ordering.....

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I usually think a brand is on its way out when there is day after day of the same brand on prime time or lunchtime specials
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No primetime specials again.