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@grandma2pkmh wrote:

Thought I would take a chance and see if all the specials were Susan Graver since the Lunchtime Specials were.  I laughed out loud. All but one was Susan's.  Can you guess the one.  Yep, Lisa Rinna Foil striped shirt.  It won't go away.

@grandma2pkmh, It's baaack . . . If you missed your opportunity to buy the Rinna Foil striped top for just under $50.00 here's your chance!  Once again, it's a Prime Time Special!  Yeah!!!  I know some of you have been on the fence, but now is the time to jump on it and get it home at this terrific savings!  I was going to order one, but then I thought, "gee, I'm not a selfish kinda gal, let others get in line first!"


When it comes back for the 20th or 50th time I may have to order it when I know all of my friends here already bought it.  Scoop it up gals (in all 3 colors), scoop it up while you have the chance - it sure doesn't come around often!  

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Well, brace yourselves, ladies ... ALL Lunchtime and Primetime Specials today (9/12) are LOGO, with the exception of that foil top and byzantine ring on PTS.